We create sales

Outsource customer meeting scheduling, appointments or sales to our multinational sales professionals.

We work effectively as a managed and high-quality remote sales organization. We are a cost-effective, Finnish-owned and a reliable partner.

What we do

Sell products and services

Online sales coaching

Offer telemarketing services

We help our partners achieve business savings by outsourcing and staff leasing

IT projects, websites and digital marketing

Phone, digital marketing or both?

The phone is a powerful and cost-effective tool when used properly. We have the know how and are happy to do it for you.

Don’t waste your company money on excessive print advertising or digital search advertising. You can get cost-effective, quality results with direct contact performed by professionals.

The phone is not the easiest tool for everyone, although it is very powerful. For us, getting in touch with the customer and getting things done via phone is natural and we are effective because we focus on that. And, as we know focus always pays off.

If your top salesperson is not on their best on the phone, it’s better to let them focus on customer encounters.

Our approach to assignments

New projects are designed together with the client. Then we pilot a small volume to test the effectiveness of our booking or sales and test what works and what doesn’t. The pilot is a safe and low-risk way for the client. Projects are always implemented on a case-by-case basis, starting from the client’s needs.

Contact us if you need efficiency in acquiring customer meetings or sales, let’s see what we can do together for your business.

Outsourcing Appointments

If you need to outsource your customer service or need switchboard services.

Contact Us to map your needs and create the right strategy for your requirements.

Company Overview

AKASOFT Ltd. Established in 2014 is an international company that provides marketing cost savings, sales- and booking services and staff leasing services to companies that are interested in increasing sales or need support in getting their products or services to the market.

Whether you are a COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE and are looking for a cost-effective sales outsourcing partner or a job seeker who can effectively make appointments, you will find information and contact information on this page to help us get in touch.

We currently employ mostly Finnish natives who live abroad, you are welcome to ask for a job if you live in Finland, too. We service our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English.

If you find the clue you’re looking for, contact us right away.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles guide our actions, our goals and the company culture.

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For Job Seekers

We are looking for experienced telesales people, but we also train new people according to our resources.

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